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Hacker Alert

Hacker Alert

Probably you already took the appropriate measures to prevent a cyber security incident. Most organizations already have a firewall and anti-virus program installed, and make use of an (online)backup.

Despite all the measures taken, the chance of an intruder hacking your network is existent. Whether it’s a vindictive (ex-)employees, a competitor or a criminal organization, virtually every company is interesting enough to be broken into. Guardian360 offers two solutions: the Guardian360 Canary and Guardian360 Canary Tokens.

Guardian360 Canary                 Canary Tokens


The Guardian360 Canary Hacker Alert acts as a motion sensor in your network: if someone performs a network scan, it will immediately be detected by the Hacker Alert. Naturally the Canary Hacker Alert has even more ways to catch intruders, which we will not disclose here for security reasons.

The reports of the Canary Hacker Alert are immediately passed on to the Guardian360 security operations center. The message is also made visible in the Guardian360 dashboard, with relevant information about the intruder as: ip address, port, data entered and the protocol used.

Installatie Canary Hacker Alert

Installing the Guardian360 Canary is easy. We only need a few details to safely configure the Guardian360 Canary Hacker Alert. Subsequently it will be physical or virtual extradited and placed in your network. After that you no longer need to worry about it anymore: the Canary puts itself on a secure connection with the Guardian360 platform. Guardian360 keeps an eye on the Guardian360 Canary Hacker Alert to see if it is online and provides the necessary patches and updates.

Guardian360 Canary Tokens

The Canary Tokens offer even further detection capabilities within your applications and network. With unique generated tokens for your organization, it is possible to detect attacks or data leakage almost as soon as they appear within your applications, in your network and/or external sources.

Become a partner

If you want more information on the Guardian360 Hacker Alert or want to become a partner and make this service available for your own customers? Please contact us.