Hacker Alert

You have probably already taken a number of measures to prevent a cybersecurity incident. We see that most organizations have already installed anti-virus, have installed a firewall and use (online) backup.

Despite all the preventive measures, there is a real chance that your organization’s network will be hacked one day. Whether it is a vindictive (ex-)employee, a competitor or a criminal organization: almost every company is interesting enough to be broken into. No matter how much money you spend on IT resources and employee training, a hacker with enough time and other resources can eventually bypass the security. That’s why Guardian360 offers the Hacker Alert solution.


Within the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), it is stipulated that a data breach must be reported without delay. But how do you know that a data breach has taken place? The Guardian360 Hacker Alert helps you quickly identify a data breach in order to comply with the new legislation. Because the Guardian360 Hacker Alert is easy to implement, it will hardly cost your organization any effort to comply with this reporting obligation.

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