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Information security is becoming increasingly important for organizations. Not only mandatory reporting for data leaks is the reason that that organizations pay attention to this subject, also the daily attention to hacks and exploiting vulnerabilities by attackers contribute to this.

Your organization as security advisor

Organizations want to focus on their primary business. That’s why they have outsourced their system management and/or web application- development to you.

Protect your customers

Guardian360 offers you the opportunity to provide additional services to your customers in an accessible way. This helps your customers to prevent vulnerabilities and meet standards. You can take the worries off their hands, without you having to manage scanners or having to pay for a 24 hours a day operating security center.

Security according to Dutch and European Law

Because Guardian360 is a 100% Dutch company, you are assured that our services fall under Dutch and European law. Also, we always supply our services with a service level agreement. As a result, you can expect the delivery to your customers take place, as agreed upon.

Why Guardian360?

Easy to deploy for partners
Continuous scans on vulnerabilities
Web application protection
Multiple scanners
Internal scanning probe
External scanners
Central dashboard
Extensive reporting
Clear language
Compliancy based


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Guardian360 for every industry

360 degrees | 365 days a year | 24 hours a day

Does your information security comply with the latest guidelines?


Accountants, Banks, Insurance companies, pension funds can all add privacy-sensitive information with peace of mind to the cloud with Guardian360.


Webstores and Online shops meet all safety requirements and may yet continue to serve their customers in the most optimal way without any concessions thanks to Guardian360.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) can safely and quickly be shared internally. Guardian360 watches over the security of EPD's in- and around your network environment.


The security of privacy sensitive information according to government standards, appears to be very complicated. But not with the help of Guardian360.