The Guardian360 network vulnerability scanner consists of several Network Scanners, which are constantly in- and around your network searching for weak spots or network vulnerabilities in both network- and web application securities. In case a network intruder or hacker still turns out to be able to compromise your network, despite all forms of security and scanning, our ‘Canary’ sets off a silent alarm. The 24-7 functioning Security Operations Center (SOC) will immediately identify and disable any intruder or hacker!

Continuous Security Scan

Guardian360 sees information security as an ongoing process. Hackers will never cease to think of new ways to invade systems. Per month, dozens of new vulnerabilities in systems are discovered. This means that a network, that only yesterday seemed to be safe, today can turn out to be suddenly vulnerable, without you even doing anything to customize it!


The Guardian360 team consists of specialists with years of experience in information security and web application-development. Besides the necessary certifications, a number of our employees also possess the renowned OSCP-certification.

The team is primary engaged in further enhancing the Guardian360 platform, adding new scanners and integrating these scanners. Because we scan a large number of networks, we use accumulated knowledge about vulnerabilities in one network, and can put this to use in scanning other networks. In addition, the team performs ‘penetration tests’ on a regular basis. The thus obtained experience is translated to our automatic scanners. Our technique is further explained on our website.


Guardian360 does not close her eyes for the reality: no matter how well your network is guarded, things can go wrong once. That is why we have developed the Hacker Alert. When we detect suspicious network traffic, you will immediately be notified, so that you can directly intervene. Of course with the assistance of our team.


If you want more information on the Guardian360 network vulnerability scanner or want to become a partner and make this service available for your own customers? Please contact us.