The Guardian360 team consists of certified security engineers with years of experience in the field of securing complex IT-infrastructures.


Real-time security scanning and live reporting

Guardian360 provides safety in the form of continuous scanning and live reporting, in which all parts of networks will be monitored day and night. Because vulnerabilities change daily, the Guardian360 platform offers a fast detection, whereby specialists of Intermax and Guardian360 respond directly to any security incident. Guardian360 is convinced that good information security can be achieved only by teamwork. This requires close cooperation between customers so to able Guardian360 to become aware of their clients objectives.


Independent information security scanning, advice and services

Guardian360 is focused on security services and wants to ensure its independence in this respect. Guardian360 is, unlike others, no reseller of hardware and software. It is also no preferred or exclusive partner of hard- and software vendors in the information security industry. We consider an independent and honest advice of great importance, when it comes to information security.


100% confidental data storage

Guardian360 is a Dutch company, which puts them under Dutch and European law. Within the Guardian360 platform internally developed software, open source software and also limited software from American suppliers are used. In this tooling no data from our customers outside our network will be stored by third parties. The relevant and confidential data remains at Guardian360 in the Netherlands, in the Dutch cloud or with the customer himself.


Guardian360 certified security specialists

The staff at Guardian360 are multiple certified, such as:

  • GXPN Pen tester
  • OSCP
  • Advanced Windows Exploitation offensive security
  • Practical Threat Intelligence
  • Diving into Windows Kernel Internals from Odays and Exploit Analysis
  • Certified Ethical Hacker

The team is also certified according ISO27001, ISO9001, NEN7510 and ISO14001 standards.

Finally, a third party compliancy statement can be issued according to ISAE3402 (type II) and DigiD/Norea standards.


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Guardian360 provides monitoring and scan services that keep an close eye on your network and web applications continuously, so you will have all possible means at your disposal to prevent hacks and data leaks. In addition, you have continuous insight into compliance with ISO27001, DigiD and OWASP standards.


If a hacker is to compromise your network, our ‘Canary’ sets off a silent alarm. With Guardian360 you are back in control of your information and security, guaranteed.



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