Network Security Audits

The Guardian360 platform is able to scan according to the NEN 7510, ISO27001, OWASP, NCSC, BIG and Norea/DigiD code-standards. The Compliancy audits of Guardian360 show you how far you meet the appropriate regulations in the field of information security. With Guardian360’s Compliance & website security check you are going for an optimal compliancy. All found issues are fully automatic measured against the multiple standards and requirements of information security.

If a security issue is found, you will know instantly which standard is not achieved or the recommendation not met. And, when an issue is resolved, you can show your auditor with confidence that you are ‘in control’.


Using the Guardian360 compliance module it enables you to simply demonstrate to auditors how you acted when an abnormality was detected. For example; it is possible to accept certain vulnerabilities, and easily make clear why and for what period you undertook certain actions. Your auditor need not even to drop by for a spot check, you can just provide your auditor with an account to your Guardian360 dashboard. This allows you both to focus on your primary tasks.

Network Security Check

Besides Guardian360 checking your networksecurity on basis of the current regulations in the field of information security, Guardian360 also performs a network-security-check to see where in your network you have the greatest chance for vulnerabilities. By using the Guardian360 ‘Canary’ any intruder will always be identified and disabled.

Compliancy module

The compliancy module automatically connects found issues to chapters of important standards and guidelines in the field of information security. By means of a simple overview you will be able to see right away if there is any deviation of standards or guidelines. This can provide support in the preparation of a (network) audit. Links will be made with the following standards:


  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017:2015
  • NEN7510
  • NOREA/DigiD
  • NCSC
  • BIG
  • BIR
  • BIWA


Every deviation will individually (non-conformity) be described in the dashboard as why this is a non-conformity, and what specific issues are related to it. The link with new issues will immediately be made automatically after a new scan.

Become a partner

If you want more information on the Guardian360 network security audits or want to become a partner and make this service available for your own customers? Please contact us.