Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Risk Insurance

With Guardian360 you are assured that your IT-environment and web- applications are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities. In case a network intruder or hacker still turns out to be able to compromise your network, our ‘Canary’ sets off a silent alarm.
Because it is unclear for many organizations what arrangements than should be taken and at what costs, we have an insurance company linked to us to cover these so-called ‘cyber risks’.


The insurance provides cover for:
1. Reconstruction: fast recovery of defective systems/data
2. Additional operating costs: additional communication, negotiation with supervisory authorities, PR, expertise, research and investigation costs
3. Loss of profit: the loss of revenue incurred
4. Liability: liability for the infringement of data protection
5. Cybercoaching: 24-7 access to legal and technical support


Guardian360 offers its customers this insurance for free when they meet certain requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, then you can use a Guardian360 discount on the premium.

Partner worden

If you want more information on the Guardian360 network vulnerability scanner or want to become a partner and make this service available for your own customers? Please contact us.