Phishing as a Service

The phrase ‘phishing’ refers to the ‘angling’ that attackers do to get access to confidential data. One common used method is to do this by email: recipients receive an in their eyes reliable e-mail in which a malicious link is built-in. Once the receiver clicks on this link, it provides the attacker access to the user’s system.

Phishing Awareness Security

Guardian360 offers with its Phishing as a Service a solution for organizations that have no desire to develop a phishing program by themselves and want to start right away to become familiar with this topic. When recipients are aware of certain characteristics they will less quickly fall for a phishing attempt.

Continious proces

For information security-consciousness too, applies the rule that it is an ongoing process. E-mail recipients should regularly be reminded on what the dangers are and for what signals they need to watch out. That’s why we offer this service as a constant procedure, so everyone can stay sharp.


In our platform, we have composed a large number of standard phishing mails. You can pick a number of emails of relevance for your organization and/or form of industry. For example, we have templates specific to the field of accountancy, care, (local)government, financial services as well as for many other types of organizations. We continuously add new templates, so that recipients have a choice of tests which are adapted to the latetst developments, all the time.

Become a partner

If you want more information on the Guardian360 phishing as a service or want to become a partner and make this service available for your own customers? Please contact us.