Guardian360 signs partner agreement with Security and IT specialist Acute Cybersecurity Services Zimbabwe

Guardian360 signs partner agreement with Security and IT specialist Acute Cybersecurity Services Zimbabwe

Dutch Security SAAS Vendor Guardian360 has signed a partner agreement with the security and IT specialist Acute Cybersecurity Services Ltd in Harare, Zimbabwe. By offering comprehensive security services via the Guardian360 Lighthouse security platform Acute Cybersecurity Services is able to support its customers in Southern Africa to protect against all kinds of cyber threats. Guardian360 Lighthouse scans and monitors IT environments and web applications for security issues on a daily basis, identifies deviations from the GDPR and security standards, detects attackers in networks and measures security awareness amongst staff.

“Due to recent developments and cybercrime being on the rise, organizations are more aware that information security is crucial for their business continuity. They have to deal with compliance issues and are looking for solutions in the field of information security. Most tools on the market are expert tools you need a 24/7 operation security operations center for. Acute Cybersecurity Services is able to offer their partners state of the art security services without the need for additional security staff’, says Jan Martijn Broekhof, Managing Director at Guardian360.

Guardian360 consists of multiple Scanners which are constantly in- and around your network searching for weak spots or vulnerabilities in both the security of your network and web application. If despite all forms of security and scanning, a network intruder or hacker is to compromise your network, the Guardian360 Hacker Alert sets off a silent alarm. “We call it ‘Managed Security‘. Our partners experience it as ‘a good night rest.”, adds Jan Martijn Broekhof.

The cybersecurity market in South Africa demands local IT and Security suppliers. We already have customers in that region. With our new signed up partner Acute Cybersecurity Services Ltd we are able to support the local market over there now even better”, adds Jeff Scipio, Partner Director at Guardian360.

Frances Sithole, Founder and CEO of Acute Cybersecurity Services::”‘During my period at BDO Zimbabwe I was familiar with the cybersecurity solutions of Guardian360. What I like at their platform is that they offer multiple security solutions in a SAAS model; not only network vulnerability scanning but also web application security, hacker alert, network security audits modules and phishing as a service. We are very confident that, together with Guardian360 we can serve a large part of our local market with their security solutions”.

About Acute Cybersecurity Services
Acute Cybersecurity Services (Private) Limited is an IT Advisory or Consulting company offering Cyber Security, IT Risk, general IT Security, Audit, Enterprise Governance of Enterprise IT (EGIT) and relevant IT Advisory services. Our company name was derived from the Cambridge dictionary. Acute means: “To be aware of or being able to recognise small differences and being accurate in judging something”. Acute is aware of cyber security services and solutions. We are able to recognise small differences between service provision and client expectations. As such, Acute is accurate in judging service we provide against client’s expectations. At Acute Cybersecurity Services, we strive to exceed our students, clients and partners’ expectations in everything that we do. Acute Cybersecurity is there to serve you with the highest quality cyber security services. Visit

About Guardian360
Guardian360 provides security in the form of continuous scanning and live reporting, monitoring all parts of networks and web applications day and night. In addition, deviations from information security standards are continuously mapped and hackers are caught by the platform. Awareness amongst staff is measured with the phishing as aa service offering. The employees of Guardian360 are certified security specialists. Visit

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