THE BRISTOL GROUP and Guardian360 enter into partnership for the delivery of continuous IT security scans in Germany

THE BRISTOL GROUP and Guardian360 enter into partnership for the delivery of continuous IT security scans in Germany

Utrecht/Frankfurt, 30 June 2020

Guardian360, pioneer in the field of continuous scanning, monitoring and detection, has found in THE BRISTOL GROUP an important partner in Germany to sell, implement and support its scalable SAAS platform. The security of networks and web applications is significantly increased with Guardian360 through extensive testing, monitoring and consulting.

With THE BRISTOL GROUP, Guardian360 strengthens its global sales and service partner network and can also offer security services to customers in Germany via experienced specialists.

“We have already evaluated various solutions for continuous pen testing,” says Ruth Townsend on behalf of the management of THE BRISTOL GROUP Deutschland GmbH. “We are convinced that in Guardian360 we have found a partner who has developed a security solution for networks and web applications that can be implemented and administered easily and without the risk of malfunctions, with excellent results”. The Guardian360 Lighthouse platform makes it possible to quickly, easily and at low cost identify security issues and make recommendations on how to solve them.

Jan Martijn Broekhof, Managing Director at Guardian360: “We are pleased that the partnership with THE BRISTOL GROUP allows us to support companies in Germany with the security of their IT environments and web applications. Already during the first conversations with THE BRISTOL GROUP it became clear that we have a similar vision. Securing information is an ongoing process which every organization must pay constant attention to. The Guardian360 platform ensures that small and medium-sized businesses in Germany also benefit from efficient resources when it comes to modern and affordable IT security”.


THE BRISTOL GROUP Deutschland has been focusing exclusively on IT security for more than 30 years. Today, the company is an independent IT security consultant specialising in the optimisation of security in the field of information technology. The company has in-depth technical know-how and offers excellent support and service, which are brought together in the CareForceOne Division. The customer base consists largely of leading German companies, which are often among the global market leaders. The banking, insurance, telecommunications, industrial and public service sectors are all well represented. For more information:

About Guardian360

Guardian360 provides security in the form of continuous scanning and monitoring and direct reporting, monitoring all parts of networks and web applications day and night. Thanks to daily updates of our security scanners, new vulnerabilities can also be reliably exposed. The employees of Guardian360 are certified security experts with years of experience. Guardian360 is a network partner of The Hague Security Delta. Thanks to this partnership, Guardian360 is connected to a network of leading organisations in the field of information security, the company has access to strategic knowledge and is involved in the realisation of public projects. For more information:

For more information:

THE BRISTOL GROUP, Jan Fechner,, +49 (0)6103 20 55 300

Guardian360, Jan Martijn Broekhof,, +31 (0)6 24565502

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